2015 GL63 AMG

IMG_0192It just so happens one of my good customers simply could not live without the black wheels that are now available on the 2015 GL63 AMG. Already a owner of a 2014 GL63, he could not help but trade in and purchase this stunning 2015 GL63 AMG. The black wheels give this already imposing truck some serious presence. Congrats Dan!  Continue reading

2015 C-Class Video Brochure

Mercedes-Benz USA uploaded this video brochure for the all new 2015 C-Class, which has followed in the footsteps of its big brother the S-Class in raising the bar for the segment it occupies. If you would like to check a C-Class out in person or would like to order one, please do not hesitate to contact me. For more information on the 2015 C-Class, click here to access the respective page on MBUSA,.

2015 S-Class Plug in Hybrid Introduction

Mercedes-Benz uploaded this video to their YouTube channel that gives you a brief overview of the upcoming 2015 S-Class Plug in Hybrid. Key takeaways here are that you are getting a V8 cars performance with the carbon footprint and fuel consumption of a compact car. The car looks and feels like an S-Class. Therefore, you do not have to be seen in something hideous to be environmentally conscious. Above all, the amenities that make the S-Class the most desirable full size sedan in the world are all available in this Plug in Hybrid Model. Stay tuned for more information like pricing and options lists by checking in often. For all the current information on the S-Class Plug in Hybrid click here to access the future vehicles page on MBUSA.

Mercedes-Benz Posts Record Third Quarter Sales


C-Class Sport Front SportMercedes-Benz sold 27,315 cars across all their respective car and truck lines to show a 10.6% increase in sales when compared to the same period last year. Leaders in the car models for September were the C, E and M class models. The all new 2015 C-Class sold 6,285 units, making this model the sales leader across the brand. On the higher end, the S-Class continues to be a sales juggernaut. Currently in its second model year, sales for the S-Class were up 393.3% when compared to the same period last year.

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